Be More Specific

Be More Specific

Can more specific? An entomologist and a film student walk into a podcast, and come out with a question answered. Teagan (the entomologist) and Bekah (the film student) are asking the important (and unimportant) questions. Why do we laugh? What's a meme? Why can't we get rid of all mosquitoes? And whatever else tickles their fancy. New episodes every month!

Oct. 31, 2022

Holiday Special: Haunted Houses- Origins, Past, and Present!

Content Warnings in this episode for mention of torture, horror, and discussions related to darker topics. Ah, the air is crisp, and the spooks are about! It's Haunted House season, but where did these sometimes delightful (and sometimes horrifying) attractions come from?

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Oct. 11, 2022

Why Haven't We Eradicated Lice Yet?

What is a louse? What can lice tell us about ourselves? Does Teagan have them? (Spoiler: she didn't!) Answers to these queries and more will be answered in this episode of Be More Specific!  Sources, images, and notes can be found at  :)

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Sept. 1, 2022

Why Do We Sweat?

Why do we sweat and shiver? Turns out keeping your body running is way more difficult than you might imagine. Teagan answers all of our burning (get it?) questions about thermoregulation!

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Aug. 1, 2022

What is a Firework?

What makes up a firework? Why do we feel the need to explode things in the sky? Learn all about these sparkly, loud, sky explosions today! Please drop us a review on whatever platform you prefer:

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July 2, 2022

What is the Most Dangerous Toy?

Toys are safe right? Wr-well actually, yeah, most of the time. But sometimes, manufacturers forgot to notice some little (and big) problems before sending their creations to the masses! Also: Please don't forget to like and review us on Apple Podcasts!

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June 1, 2022

Where Does Chocolate Come From?

What goes into that oh so delicious brown stuff? Why do people like it so much? How long has it been around? Get yourself a little treat, and settle in for this episode- all about Chocolate!  Recommended Reading, but TW:

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