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A beautiful podcast made by two beautiful women

I first listened to this podcast when I was in a dark place… I couldn’t turn the light in the bathroom. Within the first 17.5 minutes I was laughing so hard I began to fear for my life. Realizing the toilet wasn’t the most proper and decent way to die (and if my death would be anything I’d want it to be proper and decent), I threw myself out of the bathroom with my slacks around my ankles. The women began to laugh at me from the bathroom. Terror filled my soul and bowels. My roommate entered herein and upon seeing me in this position of great impropriety, began to point their finger in scorn. Excusing myself, I scooted in the most embarrassing fashion back to the restroom. The ladies once again cracked a witty quip about bears of all things! I began to hollar and guffaw so much so that I did indeed perish. Now I must possess the body of my dearest fried here in order to let all know how beautiful and precious this podcast is. After this I shall pass the veil into the great over yonder. Farewell my friends! And listen to this podcast! If you dare…

A best friends podcast

Working within the constraints of the shows format these two best friends share what they have learned specifically for the subject at hand. They are terrible actors, which just makes the segways that much more fun to listen to. These two have the ability to brighten my day every time. Even though I could be called dad, I am also a fan.

Awesome Sauce

This show is cool beans, and you should definitely listen to it! I’ve listened to podcasts before but this one is front and center on my playlist.

Amazing podcast!!

I absolutely love it!! So much fun to listen to


So uplifting and really makes my day!

What a fun podcast!

Such a fun and good podcast. Teagan is not only beautiful but also very smart. Bekah is okay. <3 (jk, ily bek)

I’m obsessed with this podcast

Listening to Teagan and Becca talk about random things is so fun. I learn so much and their banter makes me feel like I am hanging out with friends!!

Makes my heart happy

This podcast is the number one podcast of all of apples inventory. Hilarious, nerdy, and occasionally poignant. The podcast feels just like hanging out with old friends.