December 31, 2022
Where Did Snowmen Come From?

Snowmen! They're everywhere, even if there isn't snow around! Join Teagan & Bekah as they talk about our snow friends and their origins!  Also, we announce A Winter Giveaway from now to January 30th 2023!  Rate us on iTunes, follow us on Instagram or Facebook, post a photo of your favorite snowman (any material accepted) that you've ever made, and tag @bemorespeci…

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A classic snowman cartoon from Bob Eckstein's book
A very old snowman, from the Book of Hours
Bekah's favorite snowman
Teagan's favorite snowman
Teagan's grandma's snowman collection (Impressive!)
The favorite snowman from grandma's collection
Snowman No 2, Mary Dillwyn
Iiyama's snowman making record-breaking school! 
Snowpeople of Bethel, Maine
"Leaning Angus"

Henmi Takashi, Children making a Snowman in the Northeast District (an example of "traditional" Japanese snowmen)

A listener snowman, from Carley! 

A listener snowman, from Anna!


The History of the Snowman by Bob Eckstein